Christmas Movie Advent Calendar

Christmas Movie Advent Calendar 2019 Personal project In December of 2018 i started my first ever Christmas Movie Advent Calendar. I was living in the UK, away from family, snow and the Christmas Spirit. Taking the time to just sit down and watch something festive for an hour and a half really helped me through… Read More

Creative November

Creative November Personal work For November I wanted to challenge myself to make and post something every day. This meant that I had to explore new parts of my creativity, as well as stopping myself from fiddling too much with my designs, and letting them not be perfect. Although I wasn't able to make everything… Read More

Gullspiren 2018

Gullspiren 2018 visual Identity Anna Jørgensen Tonje Marie Ålesund animation Eivind Roar Pedersen illustration Tonje Marie Ålesund music Adrian Salte Patrick Pedersen client Høyskolen Kristiania programs used Illustrator InDesign Gullspiren is the graduation exhibition and award ceremony for the vocational studies at Kristiania University College. For the first time ever in 2018 it was the… Read More