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programs used


the client

VictoriaFrostad is a Twitch channel created by the lovely Victoria.

On her channel she brings her viewers on a journey to the distant worlds of Minecraft, Overwatch, Sea of Thieves, The Sims 4 and WoW.

the brief

Victoria wanted a new identity for her channel, celebrating that she finally was made affiliate.

Her new status meant that she could offer her subscribers their own loyalty badges to show off how long they’d been subscribed for, as well as emotes for use in the chat.

Seeing as she calls her followers “The Airplane Fam”, she wanted the visual identity to have a sky theme, and most importantly for two of her emotes to picture a coffee pot and tea pot; reflecting the welcome question every new follower get
coffee or tea?

The design of the subscribers’ loyalty badges is loosely based on airline pilots’ epaulets, clearly showing a difference in ranking between each badge.