Ugly drawings

a fundraising project for myself

take me to the Fiverr shop (for internationals)
     if you’re norwegian, please use vipps #563030
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Establishing as a freelance graphic designer is no easy feat.

Establishing as a freelance graphic designer without a proper functioning work station is impossible.

My dear Mac that got me through my entire education – that stupid, stupid computer that I was never going to buy, PC girl to the core -, has started it’s journey to the other side. It’s dying on me, and I can’t make my (hopefully) incredible works of art on it anymore.

And then there’s that whole vicious circle: without my computer, I won’t be able to work and earn money. Without money, I won’t be able to get a computer to work on. So what do I do?

I do have a really neat iPad, and a super cool pencil to go with it. I also have the app Procreate, and a somewhat ability to draw. And by that I can nearly guarantee that you will be able to see what I’ve drawn.

I therefore decided to host somewhat of a fund raiser for myself. I needed fast money (that’s horrible), and I couldn’t make proper works of art, so I decided to sell ugly drawings for cheap (or if people’d like, they could be sold for more expensive, or just really expensive).

If you would like to help support me in this, here’s the following options:

20 NOK: a drawing of a willy*
50 NOK / $5: an ugly drawing
100 NOK / $10: an ugly drawing, more expensive
250 NOK / $25: an ugly drawing, really expensive

These can be ordered through Vipps/Fiverr. Check out “how to order” on this page.

* I didn’t dare to offer willies on Fiverr, because I didn’t want to get kicked off the platform.

programs used


some statistics

drawings made

86 total

pure financial support from

28 amazing people

money raised so far

More than I’d honestly hoped, but still far from enough to reach the goal

how to order


Find my shop in Vipps by searching for #563030 (store name: Tonje Marie).
Choose your products, and finish the payment. If you bought a drawing, send me an e-mail at, and let me know what you want me to draw for you.


You can find my Gig at Fiverr (link here). Just pick your preferred package, and Fiverr pretty much takes care of the rest.

(If you are Norwegian, please don’t pick the Fiverr way. I earn more if you go through Vipps)

my progress so far

Please help me in this project, and show your support by either buying a drawing or sharing this post. Thank you!