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Ever since 2016 when I saw a friend of mine posting about how she’d used the time of advent to show people she cared about them, I’ve wanted to do the same thing myself. I actually did try at one point – I’m guessing in 2017 -, but I found the whole “messaging people telling them how and why I care for them” to be really awkward.

So finally I got around to doing it for real this year – and I guess there was no better year for it ever.

I wanted to put a creative spin on it, to also make this more of an art project, and a little less lovey-dovey. I wanted to award all of my recipients with something that either makes them special to me or relates to a special memory I have of them, or just showcasing what makes them an exceptional person over all. And they weren’t even all people, some were also places or just things that I either have fond memories of or that make my daily life just a little bit better.

One thing every recipient really have in common, is that none of them are part of my family. I thought I’d just set that as rule number one, seeing as I have such a big family, and picking one would mean for me to pick them all – so I went with none.

So for each day of December, up until the 24th (which is when we celebrate Christmas here in Norway), I reached out to that days receiver, told them about my advent calendar and gave them their badge.

It has been an amazing time being able to share my love for people in this kind of way, and also getting so much love and such kind words given right back. I am very grateful of how well received this calendar has been. Thank you so much!

Also yeah – every badge is in Norwegian because of obvious Viking-reasons. But one of them was actually given in English. I’ll let which one be a lil secret of mine.

For my past Advent Calendar project, check this out:
2019: Christmas Movie Advent Calendar (link)

Now, here’s a challenge for anyone who received a badge from me during this calendar. I would love it if you let yourself be known in any kind of way. By leaving a comment either on this post or in anywhere where I’ve shared this post, claiming your right as receiver of the “whatever”-badge from “this said date”. Maybe even share the badge on your own Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, and show the world what I find great about you, and why you mean a lot to me (If this is the case, I would recommend saving the badge here from my site, because Messenger ruined the quality).

Also: If any of the recipients in this calendar would like to receive print of their badge (up to 21×30 cm) and/or a print of the whole badge collection (up to 30×40), let me know! (Is this a test to see who reads my posts? maybe?).


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