This project was part of my
5th semester at university.

programs used


the brief

We were asked to create an English wine brand to challenge and excite the imagination and palette of 18 to 30-year-olds, whilst avoiding clichés, challenging traditional vocabulary and creating a wine that would be the drink of choice for young adults.

Since this was my first project in the UK, I wanted to poke fun at how the English speaking world tend to use letters from other languages, purely for decorative purposes.
This often ends in very unprofessional sounding brand names.

I chose the name Møre, seeing as it would make a great slogan in English – I want Møre -, and it was easy to draw in the dual meaning of it, by infusing the wine with strawberries from Møre, the region I’m from in Norway.

This wine is designed for women who are thirsty. Women who want more.
More of what? you’d might ask.
More sex of course!
Ladies will be drinking this wine, signalising to the people around her that she’s thirsty. It’s a beaming light of lust, served in a can.

Still remember that consent is important.
Not everyone is drinking it purely to
relieve their sexual tension.
After all, it’s a damn good wine.