Gullspiren 2018

visual Identity

Anna Jørgensen
Tonje Marie Ålesund


Eivind Roar Pedersen


Tonje Marie Ålesund


Adrian Salte
Patrick Pedersen


Høyskolen Kristiania

programs used


Gullspiren is the graduation exhibition and award ceremony for the vocational studies at Kristiania University College.

For the first time ever in 2018 it was the students job to make the visual identity of this event. The students at Graphic Design got the opportunity to make a concept, and showcase this for a small jury. Anna and I were so fortunate to win the job and work on with our concept and design.

Gullspiren translates to “The Golden Sprout”.

Our design is derived from our glass atrium at school. The atrium is named Ernsts Hage (Ernst’s Garden) after the schools founder.

We realized that we (the students) are the ones who’s been sprouting, and that we’ve done this at our school – in Ernsts Garden. That’s where our design was born. We have now finally sprouted into wonderful flowers.