Christmas Movie Advent Calendar 2019

Personal project

In December of 2018 i started my first ever Christmas Movie Advent Calendar. I was living in the UK, away from family, snow and the Christmas Spirit.

Taking the time to just sit down and watch something festive for an hour and a half really helped me through the month before I could go home.

For 2019 I wanted to continue the tradition of watching Christmas Movies, but also make something creative from it. My goal was to make a gif/sticker inspired by each movie, and post it to Instagram.

It’s been a fun project, and I’ve learnt a few new techniques, but it really took away from the joy of watching the movies – having to sit there and take note of the different stuff I could make from the movies, and eliminating possible elements just because the way they’d have to be animated wouldn’t work with the neighboring animation.

Also I really quickly regretted the design choice of using that thick line.

Click the pics to go to Instagram and read the captions for each post.

programs used

After Effects