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Don’t wanna read too much text? Just go straight to the list? See my progress? I got you, fam. Just click this link right here!

This is my fourth time doing this challenge, an I’ve never before been more excited about and happy with my list of goals.

I’ve tried to focus on the stuff I really want, and trying to set up more obtainable goals. Previous lists have had too many big dreams.

I’ve also tried to set goals I won’t grow out of, something I’ve done alot with the previous lists.

This is even the first time I had too many goals when setting up the list, so there’s really no “filler goals” in this one.

Some of the goals are private, because I don’t want to put it in someone elses head to try and help me finish them, and some are private because they’re actually private.

I’ll do some short explanations per category.

The Beginning

1 Save 100 kr for each goal I complete.
3 Write a letter to be opened when the 1001 days are done

Okay, these are just really standard goals related to the list.

20 in the 20’s

 4 Make and post 20 “draw this in your style”-challenges
 5 Read 20 books
 6 Bake 20 times
 7 Write a list of 20 things I like about myself
 8 Manage to do 20 pushups in a row
 9 Have 20 fantastic days
 10 Secret
 11 Sell 20 things on Tise/Finn
 12 Secret
 13 Spend 20 nights away from home

Maybe strangely named, this category is mostly just a play on words, but it can be related to both now entering the 2020’s, as well as something I’d might want to do before getting out of my 20’s. Honestly, tho, it’s just a list of things in 20’s.

As for the “Have 20 fantastic days” – I keep a mood tracker with a scale from 1-5, where 1 is a fantastic day. In 2019 i had 14 fantastic days, but then again I haven’t had one since the beginning of October, and I haven’t had a good day (2) since the beginning of November.


14 Have an office space to work at
15 Make business cards
16 Sell 100 products I’ve made
17 Make 100.000 kr on my own design
18 Earn a steady income as a designer
19 Get permanently hired as a designer
20 Secret
21 Reach 5000 followers on @tonjemarie
22 Have 20.000 views on my website during these 1001 days
23 Own 5 new design books
24 Learn to draw characters
25 Complete 100 Skillshare classes
26 Make a collection of my favourite fonts
27 Make my own font
28 Secret

I really want to focus a lot on my designing these coming years. I’ve changed my profession a few times in my life already, and I don’t want that to happen anymore, so I’m looking forward to just evolving my passion the next few years.


29 Platinum trophy in Ni No Kuni II
30 Platinum trophy in Jak and Daxter I
31 Platinum trophy in a new Lego game
32 Grow my trophy collection to 750
33 Finish the Community Center in Stardew Valley
34 Finish Pokémon Shield
35 Catch 300 different Pokémon on DS/Switch
36 Watch all the Disney Classics
37 Watch all Pixar movies
38 Watch all the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

I’m not gonna lie. Have I stopped myself from 100%-ing Jak and Daxter to make it one of the points of this list. Yes. Are these ways of justifying me taking time to play video games and watch movies I’ve already seen before? Also yes.


39 Try 30 new recipes
40 Make cookies à la Peggy Porschen
41 Make a cream tart
42 Make homemade Italian gelato
43 Make red velvet cupcakes
44 Make a rainbow cake
45 Find my seven go-to Christmas cookies
46 Make homemade pasta
47 Stick to a vegetarian diet for a week
48 Try out 10 new eating places

This category has had quite a lot of repeats because I never get my shit together and bake. I’m a pastry chef, but I almost never practice it.


49 Complete 100 workouts
50 Put 500 km behind me in the gym
51 Complete another round of 30 days of yoga
52 Hike a mountain 5 times
53 Fit back into my bunad
54 Drink 500 l of pure water
55 Secret
56 Become comfortable in my own body
57 Gain control of my anxiety
58 Gain control of my depression
59 Make a list of 100 things that make me happy
60 Feel completely happy, if so only for 2 seconds

I used to separate my physical health and my mental health, but I want to focus more on it being connected to each other, that’s why I put it all in the same category.

And yes, my water goal is small for what you should drink, but I’m really horrible at drinking pure water.

Grow up

61 Get my drivers license
62 Buy my own place
63 Get a cat
64 Secret
65 Secret
66 Secret

A rough week after this list finishes I’m turning 30, and I really need to get my act together. Per now I don’t have any money, I live at home, I don’t have a full time job, and the list just goes on. I want things to be different at the end of this.


67 Secret
68 Secret
69 Secret



70 Understand notes better
71 Record a cover of a song
72 Embroider hoop art
73 Create a signature cocktail
74 Write 15 blog posts

I’m in a choir, but don’t understand notes. I work at a bar, but don’t know much about alcohol. I have a blog but don’t use it.


75 Arrange a movie night
76 Arrange a Christmas workshop
77 Arrange a game night
78 Go out on town 10 times
79 Go to a quiz
80 Secret

Ever since I ended up with social anxiety I’ve pretty much pulled myself out of the social scene. I want to like hanging out with people again.


81 Get a facial
82 Try aerial silk
83 Take a bath with a bath bomb
84 Go ice skating
85 Build a fort
86 Get a new tattoo
87 Make inspiring messages for people to find
88 Say yes to something i normally wouldn’t say yes to
89 Plant an avocado

These are just fun things I wanna do, and I needed a good reason to get another tattoo – lol.

Get out of the house

90 Travel further north in Norway than I’ve been before
91 Secret
92 Go to Disneyland Paris
93 Go to Portland
94 Visit 3 different countries
95 Go swimming at Blimsanden
96 Make a snowman
97 Watch the sunrise and the sunset in the same day
98 See the northern lights
99 See a shooting star

I’m too comfortable with staying home, so I just needed some reasons to get out of the house. I also really want to go to Portland. Why? I’m not sure.

The end

100 Donate 20 kr for any goal I don’t complete
101 Make a list for the next 1001 days

Again just standard goals for the end of the list.

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