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My life in little snippets, October 2018 – October 2019

For the past year, ever since my 26th birthday I’ve tried to film a snippet of my life every day. I didn’t manage to do it every single day, but I got most of them.

I used this great app called 1 Second Everyday, although every snippet is actually 1.5 seconds long, and sometimes theres even two of them in a day.

This has probably been the hardest year of my life, but I still tried to focus on the positive stuff in this project – as far as it was doable.

I’m very happy to be done with this year, and I’m doing so much better now that I’m finally home.

This video consists of a lot of background noise, so just leave your volume at a low setting. All of a sudden there’s clips with proper noise, and your ears will fall off if you’ve turned up the sound.

I’m planning on doing this for the following year as well, so hopefully I’ll be able to post another video next October.

Now that you’ve finished watching my weird video, you can either buy my posters which I’m selling to raise money for the Norwegian Breast Cancer Society, or you could pledge a pound or two towards Sam Jayne Design’s 2020 planner which I’m part of.


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