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New Designers 2019

This week some of my work got exhibited at the show New Designers in London! How cool is that?! I was of course showcased alongside the rest of my classmates that got featured, and next to graduates of other Universities from across the United Kingdom.

I loved walking around the business centre, looking at all of the amazing work made by all of these talented graduates. And what really got me interested was seeing how each university layed out and presented their students work – there was a lot of really good presentations, and I would honestly love to go back and make sure our university did it in as good a way.

(the large blue and yellow posters are not mine, our work was just placed weirdly, evidenced by my lonely pair of boobs on the second board)

This was great not only professionally, but also personally. I had a blast on my daytrip with my friends and classmates, and I must admit that of all the people who’s seen these strange pictures of me presenting my work – no body has noted the fact that I actually look legitimately happy.
I’m a strange person, and I keep track of my mood, so I can tell you that this was my eight really great day this year, and the first one since May.

For this show two of the postcards from my graduation project was exhibited (I’ll post about these at some point), alongside a few mounted pages from my portfolio, the portfolio in whole and my submission for the Penguin Student Design Award (the redesign of the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio).

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